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Most of us enjoy at least one shower a day, and many homes have multiple people using the same shower. So it's really not too surprising that over the years a shower will develop leaks. The natural expansion and contraction of walls, along with the moisture from the shower itself, will mean that cracks and breaks can develop in the grout or shower pan.

Poor Workmanship Can Cause Shower Leaks

Unfortunately it's also the case that sub-contractors for home builders and even bathroom renovation companies sometimes take shortcuts when they're installing your shower base. In fact, experience shows that about 80% of shower leaks are due to poor or sub-standard workmanship in the way the shower base was initially installed.

Shower Leaks Don't Repair Themselves!

They are also often not easily detectable – water will work its way through damaged grout or compromised sealing material into the walls. Unseen damage can occur to the structural elements of your home as water begins to decay and rot wooden beams.

If you suspect you've got a shower leak, you need to act quickly. A leaking shower is like a sore tooth. A sore tooth never heals itself - you need to visit a dentist, and the quicker you visit the dentist, the less pain you will have. And the less it will cost to repair. A shower leak is the same - you can't put it off and hope it stops - it will only get worse, and do more damage to your most valuable asset - your home.

Don't Call a Plumber to Repair Your Shower Leak

Many people think that a plumber is the best person to repair a shower leak. However plumbers specialise in pipes and in most cases a leaking shower is not due to a leaking pipe. So the call-out fee for a plumber to test your water pressure and confirm that the pipes aren't leaking is wasted. Professional shower repair experts will first check your water pressure for a leak, and once they've confirmed that's okay, they can then give you a quote for reparing the leak after they've investigated the problem further.

A Shower Leak Normally Does NOT Mean You Need to Replace your Shower Base

Be wary of shower repair companies that say you have to fully replace your shower base. Unless the situation has been ignored for many years and the damage is extensive, shower leaks can almost always be repaired without replacing the shower base or tiles.

Call Shower Care for the Expert Repair of Your Shower Leak

Shower Care has decades of experience in repairing shower leaks. Unlike most shower repair places, Arthur does not use sub-contractors - he quotes the work and then does the work! This means he can ensure the repair is done to the highest of standards, and because there's no middle-man you also benefit with a fair and reasonable price.

To find more about how Shower Care can solve your shower leak problems, please call Arthur right now on 0418-818-857 or complete this form:

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