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Leaking Shower Base Repair

Leaking Shower Base Repair

Even the best installed shower base may start to leak and require repair. Common reasons include:

#1 Cracking of the waterproofing underneath the shower base; and 

#2 Cracking or weakening of the grout in the shower base area.

Another common reason is the separation of the shower base from the stud walls, allowing water to get in between the shower base and the wall. This separation occurs due to ordinary wear and tear - opening and closing of doors, expansion and contraction of the walls due to temperature changes and the inevitable damp and moist atmosphere in every shower-room or bathroom.

Tell-tale Sign You Have a Shower Base Leak

Sometimes the problem with a shower base will announce itself in a big and obvious leak. Commonly, however, a problem with a shower base is less obvious. There are some common symptoms that can suggest you may need shower base repairs:

  1. #1 Wet carpet near the shower base;
  2. #2 Discoloured silicone sealant around the shower base;
  3. #3 Warped or jamming bathroom door;
  4. #4 Damp or water-stains on the ceiling below the shower;
  5. #5 Visible gaps between the shower base and the wall;
  6. #6 Cracking paint; and
  7. #7 Loose tiles or grout in the shower area.

Don't Delay - You Must Call an Expert NOW

If you have any of these problems, then the longer you delay the repair, the worse the damage will be. It is critical to call a expert that specialises in shower base repairs as soon as possible.

Shower Care has decades of experience in repairing shower leaks. Unlike most shower repair places, Arthur does not use sub-contractors - he quotes the work and then does the work! This means he can ensure the shower base repair is done to the highest of standards, and because there's no middle-man you also benefit with a fair and reasonable price.

Shower Care are happy to answer any queries that you may have regarding the repair of your shower base and arrange to provide a free, no-obligation quote and assessment. Fill in the form below and Arthur will respond within 2 business hours.

Of course, if you want to get an on-site visit arranged right now, feel free to ring Arthur on 0418-818-857.

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