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Leaking Shower Repair

Leaking Shower Repair

The damage water can do to your property is well documented. But the damage caused by using someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can be an even BIGGER risk.

Treated incorrectly, walls can crumble, pipes can erode and accidents such as slips and falls can occur.

But how do you find someone you can trust to do the job properly the FIRST time, and in a timely manner?

Search Engines Are Not Your Friend

To get to the top of the pile, many shower repairers buy their way to the top. They may as well wave dollar bills in your face. By contrast, you need to do some old fashioned, time-consuming research instead. Pick up the phone and ring. Insist on speaking to an expert tradesman, not a sales rep. Talk to someone who has gotten their hands dirty fixing problems that you’re trying to solve. Speak to an expert, like Arthur from Shower Care.

A Unique Process

In the process of restoring hundreds of showers to near new condition, Arthur has learned a trick or two. Over the years, Shower Care has developed a step-by-step-process that fixes the problem in just one visit.

Chip Off The Old Block

It’s not just grout that can be the cause of the problem. If a shower base develops a crack it will only get more dangerous the longer its left unfixed. Much to the delight of the owner, and the amazement of other tradies, Arthur from Shower Care can often mend a problem, considered hopeless by others.. Without the need for costly replacement.

Out With Grout

Old, broken, worn out grout is often the cause of a leaky shower, but it may not be the whole story. After painstakingly removing the old offending grout, Arthur replaces it using a special technique that ensures it remains flexible over many, many years. Competitors often use products that become brittle, and break or crumble. Then it’s back to square one.

Old Fashioned Advice

Before any work commences, Arthur suggests sending him some photos of the problem as most times his experience means he can quote you over the phone without the need for an inspection visit, saving you both time and money.

In every day language, he tells you on what needs to be done, and can often find ways of saving money, without cutting corners. He has very high standards, and takes pride in his workmanship. And while he loves helping customers fix their shower problems, Arthur reckons the best result he can deliver, is not seeing you again anytime soon.

The End Result

Arthur will leave your shower fixed and looking like new. His special step-by-step approach - from grout removal to application of sealant and delivery of a dazzling finished product– makes him the natural choice to fix your leaking shower.

Shower Care approaches every job with honesty and integrity, and Arthur doesn’t consider the work to be fully complete unless customers are 100% satisfied with the results.

Call Now

Speak to Arthur now and ask him any questions you may have. His many years experience mean he has seen it all, and can talk about your problem. Or fill in the form below.

Shower Care guarantees to respond to your phone or emailed request, usually within 2 hours.

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